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Since Georgia regained independence in 1991, a return of the monarchy has been a matter of public discussion. The restoration was advocated during a political crisis in 2007 by Patriarch Ilia II, head of Georgia’s Orthodox Church, and he has continued to call for a return of the monarchy.

The fact that the throne was forcibly wrested from Georgia by Russia, and continued internal strife, gives supporters of the monarchy hope that a return to power might indeed still be achievable.

Many Georgians believe that only a restored throne can stabilize the ongoing social and political tensions in the country. The Georgian nation is perfectly aware that Georgians have never, ever been against their own monarch, and what happened in 1801 was just a rough violation made by a foreign country. Therefore Georgians believe that what was once illegally abolished must necessarily be restored with Prince Nugzar Bagration-Gruzinsky as King.

Crown Prince Nugzar is 69 years old and is a prominent poet in Georgia who serves as director of the theatre of cinema artists in Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi.

The Crown Prince continues to reflect the dignity, honesty, integrity and generosity that the long-empty throne of Georgia represents.

The Georgian people can see in Prince Nugzar a real reflection of the entire nation, the heritage of the history of Georgia and the incarnation of the Country, quelling ethnic rivalries and bringing peace to troubled regions.

Monarchy, of course, isn’t perfect — nothing is — but it can make an impressive contribution to the wellbeing of society by providing stability, a calm and dignified centre, continuity, unity above political parties and international visibility et respectability.

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